1. Karen Mouton

    As a regular customer at Bling,I was very disappointed today.
    I walked out of the shop not buying anything.
    One of the shop assistants by the name of Shana-Leen was very disrespect and rude.
    As I was standing and consentrating on the lip and eye pencils she moved in front of me and my 84 year old mum obstructing the view.She did not ask excuse me just bluntly blocked my view dealing with another customer, ignoring me.
    It’s only common decency and etiquette NOT to just move in front of someone blocking their view.When I brought it to her attention, she said she did nothing wrong with no apology.She even argued with me, saying she was busy with another customer.
    As a person in the customer service industry for 33 years I find her very rude and with a major attitude.

  2. Maren

    Good day

    Hope u are well
    Would like to know if you stock sliver alisbands please and the price and pictures iff possible please thanks.

  3. Gina-Louise Verheem

    I LOVED my shopping spree I had at Bling. Everything was so neat, well marked, well stocked and of good quality. The wooden earbuds was EXTREMEMLY useful! I will drive all the way from Hermanus once a month to shop at Bling.

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