N1 City Mall – Contact Us

N1 City Mall - Contact Us

  1. Jennifer Adams

    Good day, i visited your mall today because i had read that there would be a scavenger hunt, and a meet and greet with the easter bunny. My 5year old daughter and i entered your mall at around 10am today (the 7th of April 2023) and made our way to the information desk to get our hint card. There was no-one there. We then went on to wonderland to kill some time, and had breakfast at Spur before we tried the information desk again. We got there this time at around 12:30pm. There was still no-one there. I then asked the security where they are, and he proceeded to call someone on his radio, he said that they were going to check the cameras. i told him that we were going to Pep stores in the meantime. We got to Pep stores, and did a little shopping and made our way back, still no-one at the information desk. We then headed to Checkers to get a few items and hoped that we would find someone there on our way out, but when we got there, there was still no-one there. Went upstairs to Steers, and on our way out went back to the information desk to try to hopefully get the hint card on one last attempt, to find that there still was no-one there. This was around 2:30pm. There was alot of easter adverts around the mall and at the information desk confirming that the games would be available today, and my daughter was so excited. I am very disapointed that we werent able to participate in the scavenger hunt this year. Maybe next time you can make more effort to have someone working. I always visit your mall for events for the kids, but might think twice next time.

  2. Good day there is this lady that works as the manager at Fishaways,Steers and Debonairs and I saw her threatening someone that she’ll beat up and it was a child but she used the swear word (moer).She want to abuse the poor child on the day when he must go to school for his report card. I want the boss deduce money from her month salary please

  3. Nerina

    Please can you call me been holding on for about 10mins. Need to get hold of your security.


  4. Wayne Vercueil

    Good day,
    Please could you take the disabled parking spaces around the mall seriously. Today at entrance 2 a large executive car was allowed to park there and the driver and the passenger were clearly NOT disabled. This trend is not only happening at entrance 2 but at all the entrances. The warning signs of clamping offenders and of the R200 release fee is a joke unless these areas and parking bays are strictly enforced. It is grossly unfair to the disabled and to mothers with children if these parking bays are occupied by those who think they are entitled to and fragrantly disobey the rules.
    Security at these points need to be equipped with the clamps and instructed to enforce the rules.

  5. Tania

    Good day, its so sad to see that Ster Kinekor N1 City made no effort this weekend re the Barbie show. You know, I took my daughter and friends on Saturday and it looked dead, however you should’ve seen how the kids, teenagers, youngsters and their partners dressed up so excited. But it looked so cold in that place. No set up for a photo and yet people or parents spend a lot of money for their kids. No words!

  6. Sharon Europa

    Good morning, just a question? What happened to the baby changing station at your mall. My daughter had to change her baby on the counter in the ladies toilets. And when you have to feed the baby there is no place for moms. If management can please have a look at some convenience for moms with babies please. It is very stressful if you need to go do some shopping with you baby

  7. Myrna Skibbe

    I would like to congratulate the ladies that keep your toilet facilities clean. I used the bathroom near to Woolworths and it was very clean and an absolute pleasure!! Thank you

  8. Anonymous

    I went to the ladies bathroom at N1 city mall near the PNP. There was a man in the ladies bathroom – it was on the 3rd August

  9. Pinkie

    Hi, please be vigilant in the mall, just out of concern, with this taxi violence😱 This afternoon around 5h10 pm or saw there were two guyz sitting on the tables I could see these are taxi people, even if I don’t know them. They sat there, not eating on their phones, looking around, my heart……. I know I’m so paranoid. Then they left…… Why where they there, place this evening even be extra vigilant, alert your security must be outside there please. Friday they said they closing everything off. Be safe

  10. Colleen Lawrence

    Good Morning, my name is Colleen Lawrence From Stella Learning Academy in Monte Vista, what is the process to follow to promote our school inside at your entrance with a small table and some brochures we are a school for struggling kids we will be three teachers and a few students enrolment pamphlets please let me know Thx

  11. Sonya Ehrenreich

    Tried calling the mall to find out what time is load shedding today. No human response – just recorded message without end it seemed. Is this usual?

  12. Nandi Bunyonyo

    Bad customer service at PnP and pay N1 City

    I’m disappointed with the customer service I received at PnP N1 City today. I lost my VW car keys while doing grocery shopping,I only realised when I was on the way to my car that I do not have my keys with me. I went back into the store to ask for assistance, to look for my car keys.

    I spoke with An African lady with Dreadlocks whom I think is a supervisor, I did not receive any assistance from her. When I came back into the store the second time I spoke to a male supervisor who took my name and number down and said that should he find the keys he will contact me.

    However while I was busy talking to this man, the same lady I asked for assistance from the first time , with some of her colleagues passed some hurtful remarks stating that; even if they were to find the car keys I don’t deserve to be helped and even if they were to find it they wouldn’t give it back. I was heart broken by these remarks however I chose not to answer them I walked away instead.

    I was serviced at till number 13 by Ms Khephe at 17:31 on 02 February 2024.

    Kindly assist, if you find it please contact me it’s the only keys I have.

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