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There's something really special about a great book. It's a momentary escape from the everyday grind, a sprinkling of fantasy and above all, it's some quality 'you' time.

Bargain Books at N1 City Mall has everything you need for a great read with a wide range of genres at...well, bargain prices. Here are a few reviews of some of our favourite books!

- SUMMER WITH MY SISTER - by Lucy Diamond
A beautiful, heart-warming book about two completely different sisters who learn to grow closer after some time apart. They go through troubles together and grow to understand the importance of sisterhood.
This book is a must-read for anybody who enjoys a heartfelt storyline, with some girl drama and romance.

- INVISIBLE RIVER - by Helena McEwen
A sad storyline of a girl who goes to art school to try and move on from her past, but finds herself in a difficult situation when her alcoholic father needs love and care. This book definitely brings some tears to your eyes and discusses topics relating to family and love. This book will be enjoyed by anyone who likes a relatable plot.

- THE A-Z OF EVERYTHING - by Debbie Johnson
A sorrowful but thought-provoking book of two sisters who are brought together by their dear mother's death. Their mother, however, left them something behind to remind themselves of the importance of sisterhood. This book shows the importance of cherishing life, and the strong importance that love plays.

- GOLDEN SON - by Pierce Brown
For those who prefer a bit of fantasy, thriller and sci-fi- here's your new favourite! This storyline takes place in the future, in the war-stricken space, and follows a man's path in which he discovers facts and uncovers truths about his life.

- GIRL ON THE TRAIN - by Paula Hawkins
An award-winning novel, this thriller and mystery follows the curious life of Rachel, a daily train commuter. Something terrifying happens, and it's up to you as the reader to figure it all out for yourself. This spine-chilling, chair-gripping book is for anyone who enjoys a good twist.

Looking for something a bit more spiritual? CUM Books at N1 City Mall have the largest range of Christian books and Bibles under one roof so you're sure to find the perfect words to inspire and motivate your soul!

Now that you've got some book ideas and feel inspired, remember to get your reading glasses sorted because a great book deserves great glasses! Perhaps you're looking for something a bit more trendy, a bit more colourful? Perhaps more comfortable? At N1 City Mall you're spoilt for choice - Both Specsavers and Torga Optical have a large range of stylish branded and budget eyewear and their friendly and knowledgable staff are always keen to advise on the perfect spectacles for you.

Now get comfortable, peel back that first page and get lost in the world of words.

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