Top shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Puma and Converse at N1 City Mall

Shoe Legends live at N1 City

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Attention all big brand hunters! N1 City Mall boasts some of the worlds biggest shoe brands - and they're waiting to be found at our malls' many fashion and footwear stores.

We all know and love Nike, right? Of course - This Greek goddess of victory is undeniably the worlds number one sports and clothing brand! Nike, a Fortune 500 company, has been designing and producing some of the most desirable footwear and clothing ranges on the planet since 1964. Made famous by professional basketball player Michael Jordan, the world famous "swoosh" can be found in fashion, footwear and sports stores throughout N1 City Mall. You can grab them at Shoe City, Tekkie Town and Footgear, as well as Street Fever, Total Sports and Sportscene.

Adidas, a fierce Nike rival has really made a name in the sneaker and streetwear market with some ground-breaking sneaker designs, sportswear and streetwear. Adidas focuses on performance, diversity and passion- so when you purchase an Adidas branded product, it's made with winning in mind.

Established in 1966, Vans has had over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling one of the most practical, comfortable and stylish shoes ever made! Vans shoes were originally designed for the massive skateboarding movement in the 1960s where their style, comfort and durable build quality was highly respected. Now, Vans are a big trend with fashion enthusiasts and urban street culture the world over. Vans shoes boast some of the most desired and respected styles in the fashion industry and feature some great collaborations with popular artists, designers and professional skateboarders.  Whether it's the Vans Classic Slip-On or the Classic Authentic, you can be sure you're buying over half a century of legendary fashion history and it's all here right now at N1 City Mall.

Converse has been making shoes since 1908, so long in fact that they even designed and manufactured shoes for the military during World War 2! Made famous by Chuck Taylor in 1922 the Converse All Stars or 'Chucks' where a canvas shoe originally designed for basketball. Although hugely popular for decades the Converse All Stars lost popularity in the 1970s when more and more basketball brands entered the market. In the 1980s their retro-style and incredible comfort found them back in fashion amongst the cool kids - and they've been unstoppable ever since! Check out Shoe City, Tekkie Town and Footgear, as well as Street Fever for the latest, and good old favourite canvas Converse sneakers!

The Puma brand needs no introduction. It's right up there with Adidas when it comes to athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. And so it should be because there are a few things you may not know about this shoe super-brand... The Puma brand was born from a fortunate disagreement between two German brothers who in 1948 probably made the best decision in footwear history. The relationship between the two brothers deteriorated to a point where they decided to go their own ways and split the company into 2 separate brands - One of those was Puma... the other, can you believe it... was Adidas. Legendary football player Pele won the World Cup in Chile, for Brazil, in Puma soccer boots - twice! And Usain Bolt set his all 3 world records in custom made Puma sprint shoes - that's two legends already, are you the next?

Shoes were made for walking so hit the N1 City mall and walk the talk with some of the most iconic shoe brands known to mankind.

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