1. Alexis

    Good day,

    Trust that you well, I bought a charger at your shop last night which is suppose to be a multi purpose charger. I am not happy with the product it takes forever to charge my laptop I really don’t know what kind of charger it is cause when I walked into the shop the guy said you don’t have multi purpose chargers only original, then there wasn’t original charger left but somehow there was a multi purpose again. I did mention if I’m not happy I could return the product, I asked for a slip and the guy said I could use the speedpoint printout. So I will only be in the mall later in this week to return the product.

    Thank you

    Kind regards.

    Alexis Welman

  2. Sam

    This place is full of scammers. They were supposed to fix the screen but stole my battery instead. They claim no foul play but the battery was new and now it doesn’t even last half a day. Scum.

  3. Kholi

    This place is a scam same thing happened tp me they stole my son’s iPad battery. They were supposed to fix the screen and stole the battery.

  4. Lindi

    The gentleman in the shop is very helpfull and trustworthy.
    I took my daughter phone for LCD and it work perfect and good prices.
    She was so happy she got a beautiful cover aswell always friendly staff and so humble.

    Good prices and so much to see.

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